Crichton To Compete In Sydney Hobart Race

The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race will be seeing a very popular and senior pro at yachting compete for the first spot during the 73rd edition of the race. This person is none other than the two-time winner and a legend in ocean yacht racing Neville Crichton. Yes, you have read it right. Neville will be coming out of retirement to take part in the 73rd edition of the 628 nautical mile race that is run by the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia.


Crichton has said that he would be retiring from yacht racing after winning the Sydney Hobart Yacht race in 2009. He had told them that it was his last yacht race win. It looks like his hunger for Sydney Hobart Yacht Race title has not subsided and will again try his luck in the 73rd edition of the race. Crichton will be helming the Comanche yacht that had won the Sydney Hobart race in 2015.

The Comanche is newly christened as ‘LDV Comanche’ and is a 100-feet super maxim yacht. It will commence its Sydney Hobart yacht race on Boxing Day and all eyes will surely be on the classic helmsman and the yacht.

Crichton said that he knows that he had said in 2009 in Hobart that it was his last maxi yacht race. But, he is sure that there are more sailors like him who swear at Hobart that they will not be again coming for the Sydney Hobart yacht race again and then finally turn up on the Boxing Day sailing lineup.

Crichton has joined hands with Jim Clark, the 2015 line honors winner. The 2015 racing team on the Comanche will also be used by Crichton to try and attempt yet another Sydney Hobart yacht race win. He said that using Jim’s crew who has the experience of winning the yacht race is an added advantage and a wise decision.

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